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Why are we still not getting the Pac-12 championship game?

It is time for the Pac 12 championship game to be added to the NFL, as the conference’s biggest television rights holders and most powerful conference officials all agree on the importance of the game.

“The league is ready to move forward on the football title game, but I am also open to working with the league to move it forward,” CBS Sports’ Adam Schefter said Tuesday.

The NFL’s deal to televise the championship game was announced on Wednesday, but the Pac 10 has not yet publicly agreed to televises the game, which is considered the most important game in the conference.

“It would be an excellent opportunity for the league and the conference to have this championship game televised in a way that’s not only a true game but that it’s also a true championship game,” CBS News’ Stephen Holder said.

The Pac 12 is the second-largest conference, but only the No. 1 television rights holder.

The conference has been without a championship game since 1998, when it was a member of the BCS, which was replaced by the current playoff system.

The conference is expected to make a decision on its next title game sometime next week, but no final decisions have been made yet.

In addition to the Pac 11 and Pac 12, the Big 12, SEC, ACC, Big Ten and Big 12 Network have their own deals to televize the Pac 14 championship game.

The NCAA is expected this spring to announce whether the Pac 9 championship game will be moved to the 2018-19 season.