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What happened to the Oregon football game?

The Oregon football program had been scheduled to play a home game against Arizona State on Saturday, and it was postponed.

But the school was forced to postpone the game because of an electrical problem that led to the postponement.

The school announced that the game would not be rescheduled for this weekend.

The Associated Press reported that officials in the Pac-12 Conference and Pac-10 Conference had called to inform the conference that a delay was needed because of the electrical problem.

The delay is the first in the history of the game and is a significant blow to the Ducks’ season, which had already been marred by two other postponements.

The Pac-11 announced that it had postponed the home game to Friday because of a power failure.

And the Pac 12 Conference announced that its games would be played on Saturday because of “a power outage.”

It’s a significant change, because the Pac 13 had originally scheduled all games for Saturday because it was supposed to have a full slate of conference games, with all of the conference’s games slated to be played in the first half of the week.