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How to watch Super Bowl 50 live: What to watch from the sidelines

With the NFL’s Super Bowl 51 championship game starting next Sunday, the best places to watch the action from the stands are all around the world.

Here are the best stadiums for Super Bowl 49 in the world, according to Recode:London’s Wembley Stadium is the home of the British national football team and has a capacity of nearly 70,000.

The venue was originally constructed to host the 1960 Olympics and hosted the 2008 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

It is the third-largest stadium in Europe, according the International Olympic Committee.

It hosts the world’s largest football game every year.

Paris’ Stade de France has an estimated capacity of 62,000 and is the largest stadium in France.

It holds the European Championships and Eurovision music festival, among other events.

It has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest every year since 2009.

Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay is home to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which plays host to the Super Bowl.

It plays host every year to the NFL Draft and the 2016 Olympic Games.

The stadium is also the home to one of the largest outdoor soccer stadiums in the United States.

The PGA National Championship in 2017 was played at the venue.

The Stade Louis Alcan is the stadium for the French Ligue 1 football club and is a popular destination for fans.

The stadium was the venue for the 2012 World Cup and is home of some of the best live music in the country.

It was the home field for the 2018 FIFA Confederations Cup.

The Wembley Stadium in London, England is the site of Super Bowl celebrations and host to several football matches every year including Super Bowl XLVII, in which the New England Patriots won Super Bowl LI.

The UK’s National Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, has been used as the venue of many games since the 2011 World Cup.