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What does a Super Bowl title mean?

Super Bowl Sunday is here and it’s about to get a lot more interesting than you’ve ever seen before.

With the New England Patriots poised to beat the Denver Broncos to win their first championship in franchise history, fans around the world are celebrating by tweeting out their favorite Super Bowl moments.

Here are the 10 most memorable Super Bowls to date, according to the subreddit’s users.

We know this is an extensive list, so let’s start there:What does a New England Super Bowl Title mean?

Super Bowl weekend has officially begun, and the Patriots are about to start the season with another championship.

The title “Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots vs. Broncos” was first posted by Redditor TurdT, who added a couple of interesting details to the title:The title reads “The Super Bowl XLix: Patriots’ Final Victory”While it’s possible that the Broncos could win the game, it’s more likely that the Patriots will make it to Super Bowl XXIII.

That’s the one title that could determine whether the Patriots win the title or not.

We also have some Super Bowl-related trivia.

For instance, there are two Super Bowl championships for the Patriots:The Patriots are only the second team to win two titles in a single season.

The Denver Broncos have won two titles each in the last seven years.

The Broncos have had a Superbowl champion in every season since the 2000 season.