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How do you tell the difference between a pro-life president and a pro-“pro-life” president?

A pro-choice President Trump would likely be “an absolute disaster for women’s reproductive rights,” the American Conservative said in a post on Monday.

But “the pro-abortion side of the aisle would be a disaster for American women,” The American Conservatives wrote.

“Trump has long opposed the legalization of abortion and would likely go further.”

The American conservative argued that pro-lifers “would be well advised to consider whether they can be pro-women if they become pro-Trump.”

Trump has repeatedly questioned Roe v.

Wade, which establishes a legal right for women to terminate their pregnancies.

“I’m pro-woman, I’m prolife,” Trump has said, saying he supports abortion rights and would appoint pro-family justices to the Supreme Court.

The American conservatives, whose Facebook page features a number of pro-Donald Trump memes, have called Trump “anti-woman” in the past.

They also warned pro-feminists against trying to sway voters by “gutting” the pro-Life Party.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.