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How to watch NFL games on your iPhone and iPad from YouTube

The latest YouTube app from Apple has just released a new video-streaming option for NFL games, and it’s pretty amazing.

The new YouTube app is a free download from the App Store, and has an interface that’s completely different from the old one.

In the old app, you had to go to the Sports tab, scroll down to your league’s name, and then tap the video player button.

Now, just tap the button in the top right corner and you’ll be able to watch the entire game.

While there are some basic video streaming features here, like a dedicated button to play videos at full resolution and a search bar for the best streaming options, it’s definitely an improvement over the old YouTube app.

You can now stream the entire games, as well as the entire regular season and playoffs, on your iOS device, including the NFL, and you can even change the video quality on the fly.

You can even use the video playback option to adjust the quality of the video.

If you’re an Apple user, you’ll get access to a new and improved Video Library, which allows you to share videos with your friends, family, and other people who use your Apple TV or other Apple devices.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve never used YouTube before, and the app’s free.

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