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NFL fans protest over racist fans

A group of NFL fans has protested against racist fans who have invaded the Philadelphia Eagles home football game against the Arizona Cardinals.

According to TMZ Sports, the fans stormed the field and took part in a loud chant in support of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer after a controversial win over the Philadelphia Chargers on Sunday.

The Eagles have faced off against the Cardinals on three previous occasions and have won each of those contests, including a 17-13 victory in Arizona.

Fans who were at the game reportedly booed the crowd, chanting, “Get out of here!” during the game.

One fan even held up a sign that read, “We want the Cardinals to win, but they have no balls.

We want you to go home and die.”

One of the protesters, an Eagles fan named J.P. and his wife, told TMZ Sports that he and his family were in the stadium and saw fans chanting.

“I said, ‘What’s wrong with you guys?'”

J.B. told TMZ.

“They were all in front of the stadium, and we could see them getting on the field.”

J.P., who works as a security guard for a Philadelphia-based construction company, said that his family was among the protesters.

“We came in the game and the entire stadium was chanting.

And I couldn’t believe it,” J.K. said.

“I was like, ‘How is that happening?'”

The protesters, who have not yet been identified, reportedly threw trash at the Eagles fans and yelled vulgar and racially charged slurs.

One of them was seen yelling, “This is what you get for living here,” while another allegedly said, “You’re going to be in hell, man.”

“The stadium was packed,” J-K.

told The Jerusalem Report.

“The fans were getting on our field, but it was really loud.

I’m really angry at them, I think they should’ve stayed in their seats.

I don’t know if they should have left the field.

They should’ve been told to leave.”

A representative for the Eagles did not immediately respond to a request for comment.