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How to watch the 2017 NRL grand final in 2018

When the NRL grand finals rolled around in 2018, fans were treated to the NRL finals in a big way.

The grand final, which was played in Brisbane, was played on a Sunday with all the extra seats reserved for the Brisbane Broncos, who had just finished their grand final defeat against the Parramatta Eels.

It was the grand final that saw the coronavirus season officially begin.

After winning the NRL premiership, the Broncos were the only team in the competition to have lost its grand final.

The Broncos had the worst record in the league, with a win percentage of just 12.4% and only one win in four games.

On the back of the NRL season, the NRL also introduced the 2018-19 season and the grand finals were added to the calendar.

But the grand finale has been absent since the 2018 grand final and many fans are hoping for the return of it.

The NRL grand finale was originally a one-off event between two NRL teams that was only played once a year, in a bid to create a more normalised schedule for the players.

But after the 2018 NRL grand return, the grand was added as part of the schedule.

There are currently only seven games available for the NRL on the grand format this year, but this will increase to 12 games as part the grand return.

The Grand Final in Sydney will be played on February 8, 2019.