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What’s happening in football and football news with the Falcons and Seahawks

In the days leading up to the start of training camp, I had an idea for this piece.

A little piece where I would take a look at the games and matchups in the upcoming schedule.

It was a quick thought and one that I’ve come to love, and I wanted to share it with you now.

I know there are plenty of other NFL fans out there that have their own favorite NFL matchups, but the matchups that I think are particularly interesting are those between the Falcons (4-2) and the Seahawks (3-2).

The Falcons have a tough schedule to be in the conversation, as they have a new defensive coordinator, new defensive backs coach, new quarterback, and a new offensive line.

However, the Seahawks have a tougher schedule to go into the season, having played two division opponents and three teams in the playoffs, including one that the Seahawks lost in the Super Bowl.

I’m sure that Falcons fans will have a fun time watching their team battle the Seahawks on the field.

However the Seahawks do have a few more key players to look forward to in their starting lineup than the Falcons.

First off, the Falcons have arguably the best offensive line in the NFL with offensive lineman Brian De La Puente (six sacks), offensive tackle Bobby Wagner (four sacks), and tight end Luke Willson (two sacks).

They have a plethora of receivers who have proven they can play at the highest level, and the offensive line has proven it is a top-10 unit.

I’ve been in the business of doing some analysis on offense for years and this is my second season in the league, so I know the Falcons offense really has some things to improve on.

The biggest one to address is in the running game, which is one of the main reasons why I love the Seahawks.

Last year the Falcons ran the ball a whopping 13.3% of the time and that percentage dropped to 7.7% last year.

While that drop in production could be attributed to a number of factors, it definitely wasn’t enough to justify a 9-6 record.

So, while the Falcons did have an above average offense last year, the offensive tackle position in Atlanta has been a weak spot in recent years.

Now, while we don’t know the full reasons for the offensive linemen drop, we know that the Falcons running backs didn’t get much work.

In fact, the running backs got the majority of carries last year and averaged 5.9 yards per carry.

With that in mind, it would be surprising if the Falcons had a significant improvement in the run game this season.

In addition, the Atlanta offensive line had one of its worst games of the season last year when they allowed just three sacks and one forced fumble.

This season, the team is set to have a revamped offensive line and a different set of running backs.

So while I believe that the Atlanta offense could have some improvement, the run defense isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Seahawks have the best quarterback in the entire NFL, Russell Wilson.

Wilson is entering his fifth year in the game and is entering the final year of his rookie contract.

He has been one of Seattle’s most reliable and consistent performers this season and I would expect the Seahawks to keep him healthy and give him a full year to develop.

Last season Wilson threw for 3,918 yards and 22 touchdowns with 12 interceptions and eight fumble recoveries.

He is currently the only player in NFL history with a 100-plus touchdown passing season and the only quarterback to pass for at least 1,000 yards in each of his first five seasons.

Last in the NFC West with a sub-par defense, Wilson has been the perfect weapon for Russell Wilson to throw to and Russell Wilson has the most touchdown passes in the history of the Seahawks offense.

While I don’t think the Seahawks will have an elite quarterback, they have one of their top two running backs in Marshawn Lynch and the best pass catcher in Sidney Rice.

They are not going to be easy opponents, but I would be surprised if the Seahawks struggle to score points.

The Seahawks also have one other talented weapon in tight end Jimmy Graham, who leads the Seahawks in receptions and touchdowns.

Graham was limited to just four catches last season and he will likely get a big role this year, especially with Russell Wilson being so healthy.

The Seattle secondary is a deep group of safeties, cornerback Jeremy Lane, and safety Kam Chancellor, who will be joined by linebacker K.J. Wright, who is the starting nickel back.

The secondary has the best depth of any secondary in the AFC West and it should be a fun group to watch as Seattle will likely be a very good team to watch.

The Atlanta defense has some weaknesses, but those weaknesses can be overcome if the team can keep Wilson healthy.

Last years defensive line allowed a whopping 5.6 sacks per game.

The Falcons also had a lot of injuries and suspensions last season.

Last time the Falcons played the Seahawks,