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How the UCF football game was played, thanks to the Rams twitter account

Football Italian is proud to present our exclusive look at how the UCFs football game against Florida Atlantic was played.

The first half started with the game on the UCs schedule, with the Knights winning 35-27, and Florida Atlantic the rest of the way. 

As expected, UCF had a lot of chances in the first half, as they scored first on two consecutive drives to put the Knights ahead at 15-0, but they couldn’t capitalize. 

In the second half, Florida Atlantic scored twice to put UCF up 21-0 before the Knights finally got going, scoring three straight touchdowns to pull away. 

However, the Knights only scored two in the third quarter, with a couple of key plays from QB Brandon McManus and RB Alex Collins keeping the Knights in it until the end. 

A lot of credit goes to UCF’s offensive line, which held the Knights to just 12 total yards of offense on the drive, including a pair of sacks. 

Despite those struggles, the offensive line held UCF to just 21 yards rushing on the night, and with two turnovers on defense, UCFs passing game was just average. 

The Knights only averaged 1.2 yards per carry on the evening, but managed to only manage seven receptions for 98 yards. 

If the Knights had managed to move the ball and run the ball, they would have had a much better chance of scoring touchdowns. 

On the other hand, UCFS defense was able to stop the Knights run game in the second quarter, and they did that while allowing the Knights five catches for 77 yards on just 12 carries. 

It was a solid effort from UCF on offense and a good performance from the UCFS defensive line. 

After the game, UC F’s head coach, Tim Kehoe, said he expects to see the Knights offensive line improve and improve even more this year, while also working to increase their passing game. 

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