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Trump: I’ve seen more bad ratings in NFL ratings than the rest of the world

President Donald Trump is blaming the NFL for “total ratings failure” in the United States, but the ratings data released Thursday shows a bigger problem with the NFL’s Sunday NFL game that is hurting the country’s standing in international markets.

Trump was critical of the ratings, which he said were “total failure” on Twitter.

He tweeted about the game in the morning before heading to a rally in Ohio, which had a game that was set to air on Fox.

In a speech to the conservative Family Research Council on Thursday, Trump blasted the NFL, claiming that the league’s ratings have “total failed.”

He pointed to the ratings of the Super Bowl 50 game and a recent game between the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Browns that had low viewership.

The ratings are total failure, he said, adding that ratings for Sunday NFL games were down 40% from the same game in 2017.

He continued, “The NFL is a total failure because they are a group of people that have been corrupted and they are liars, they are dishonest, they have no moral compass, and I am the only one who can fix that.”

The ratings for the Super Sunday game were down 20% from a year ago.

He also blamed the ratings on an influx of young viewers, which has led to an influx in viewership.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld and The Associated Press contributed to this report.