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When the NFL will be back in 2018

It’s been almost a decade since the NFL officially returned to Los Angeles.

But for many fans, the franchise is still in its infancy and the league has faced a number of challenges since it returned to the United States in 1994.

Here’s what you need to know to enjoy all the excitement of the 2017 NFL season.1.

The NFL is going to have to go all-in on its new home in Los Angeles2.

The Chargers are the only team that has been able to make it to the Super Bowl, so how will the Chargers fare in the playoffs?3.

The Los Angeles Raiders have made a strong push to be one of the NFL’s elite teams, but they still have plenty of work to do to reach the Super Dome in 2017.4.

The Seahawks, the reigning Super Bowl champions, have made it to three straight divisional playoffs, but the team hasn’t made it past the second round since 2008.

The defending champs are coming off a bye in Week 3.5.

How does the Chargers and Rams compare to the rest of the AFC West?6.

The Cowboys and Chiefs are coming out of a bye week, but it’s been a tough few weeks for them.

Is this the beginning of a trend?7.

The Steelers are trying to build off of a win in Week 4 against the Ravens, but their offense has struggled to find consistency.8.

How will the Jaguars make a playoff push this year?9.

What is the best rivalry in football?10.

What’s the best way to get to the stadium in Los.


How do the Seahawks and 49ers compare to each other in the NFC West?12.

Is there a chance the Rams could be a playoff team?13.

Is the Packers in the running for a wild-card spot?14.

What are the best NFL stadiums?15.

Which team will win the 2017 Super Bowl?16.

Who will be in the final season of the Lions?17.

Who is the NFL champion this season?18.

How much money is a first-round pick worth?19.

Which NFL team is going all-out on its home?20.

Will the Falcons and 49 49ers have enough money to buy their way into the Superdome?21.

Who’s the biggest fan in the NFL?22.

What will be the most important story of the 2018 season?23.

What happens to the Chargers this season if the Chargers leave Los Angeles?24.

Who gets the top rookie receiver in the 2017 draft?25.

How well is the Broncos doing with their young quarterback situation?26.

Who has the best offensive line in football, and why?27.

What about the Steelers and Cowboys?28.

Is it the best defense in football this season, and how will they fare in 2018?29.

Which teams will have the best quarterback duo in football in 2018 and beyond?30.

How is the Seahawks doing in the postseason?31.

How about the Bears?32.

How good is the Dolphins?33.

Which of the four AFC South teams has the better defensive line?34.

How many quarterbacks will be available for the 2018 draft?35.

How long will the Browns hold on to their top pick in 2018, and who will they select?36.

Who would win the 2018 Super Bowl with the best odds?37.

What if the Colts, Chiefs, Jaguars, or Steelers make the playoffs in 2018 but fall short in the Superbowl?38.

Will any of the teams in the AFC North make the postseason in 2018 after their playoff failures?39.

What happened to the Packers?40.

How bad is the Panthers’ offense?41.

What should the Chargers do in 2018 to make up for their loss in the 2016 playoffs?42.

Who are the NFL teams most likely to go to the AFC Championship Game?43.

What does this mean for the Super-bowl odds?44.

How big is the AFC South?45.

Who should the Patriots take with their 2018 first-rounder?46.

What did the Saints do to improve their odds?47.

Who did the Falcons do wrong?48.

What can the Cowboys do to make the AFC East competitive in 2018 before the season starts?49.

Will there be a Super Bowl rematch between the Giants and Falcons in 2019?50.

Who can beat the Patriots in the wild-, wild- and divisional-round games?51.

How can the Colts be competitive in the 2018 playoffs?52.

What was the best play of the 2016 season?53.

How should the Jaguars fare against the Broncos in the playoff?54.

What do you think of the Patriots’ quarterback situation right now?55.

Who do you expect to win the Superbowl in 2019, and when?56.

Who was the biggest disappointment in the Packers’ playoff run?57.

What teams will be better than the Steelers in 2018 when it comes to defense?58.