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Michigan football wins, the Huskies are still the best team in college football

The Wolverines are still Michigan football’s best team, but a win over a top-10 opponent would be a huge step forward for the Wolverines in a long season, and the Husky defense should give the Wolverans some much-needed breathing room.

Michigan has won its last three games against top-15 teams (No. 10 Wisconsin, No. 13 Oklahoma and No. 12 Alabama) and is 3-1 against ranked opponents.

The Wolverins defense has given up just 24 points over its last four games.

It is just 3-3 in its last five meetings with Michigan, but it has allowed just seven total points to top-25 opponents.

Michigan will try to rebound from its loss to Nebraska in the Big Ten championship game, but the Huskers defense is already ranked No. 15 in the nation.

Michigan was the first team to get a win against Nebraska in Big Ten play.

Nebraska won by a score of 37-31 on Oct. 12.