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Why do you hate the Broncos?

The Broncos have yet to play a regular-season game since 2011, but they’ve shown they are the team to beat in this year’s NFL draft.

Here’s how they did it.1.

Peyton Manning is the Broncos’ starting quarterback.3.

The Broncos are the only team in the AFC West to not allow more than 50 points to score in a game.4.

They’ve only lost four games by one score or less, and have beaten two teams with two different starting quarterbacks in the last six weeks.5.

Their defense has played great, allowing just seven points per game in the first half of games.6.

The offense has been dominant.7.

The team is 7-0 in games decided by five points or fewer.8.

Denver has a great chance to win their division, even with a lackluster defense.9.

If they can keep Manning healthy, the Broncos will be a legit Super Bowl contender.10.

The only team with fewer than eight turnovers and five interceptions this season is the New York Jets.11.

Their defensive line has been outstanding, and they have allowed just three sacks.12.

They have a new quarterback and a new coach in John Fox.13.

Their new quarterback, Paxton Lynch, is a good fit.14.

They can run the ball.15.

They should be a top-10 defense in the NFL.16.

This is a team that is going to win.17.

The defense has allowed the fewest points in the league this season.18.

This could be the year the Broncos win it all.19.

The new quarterback could help them out in a number of areas.20.

The offensive line is a strength.21.

They need a strong running game to win this game.22.

The passing game is going strong.23.

The defensive line is good.24.

They are a lot better at blocking.25.

The wide receivers are really good.26.

Their special teams are going to be very good.27.

This team has a shot at a big win.28.

The running game is strong.29.

The quarterbacks have been dominant this year.30.

Their secondary has been phenomenal.31.

The quarterback is still getting better.32.

Their offense has to improve.33.

Their quarterback is starting to get better.34.

The receivers have to improve even more.35.

They could have won a lot of games if not for injuries.36.

This game is a must-win.37.

The players are playing great.38.

They won’t be good enough to beat the Seahawks.39.

This might be their best chance to go to the Super Bowl.40.

They will have to get their defense back on track.41.

They were a very good team in 2012.42.

Their offensive line has improved.43.

The Denver defense has improved significantly.44.

The pass defense is better.45.

The special teams have improved.46.

The secondary has improved a lot.47.

The linebackers are great.48.

The front seven has improved immensely.49.

The QB is going good.50.

This defense is playing very well.51.

The coaches are doing a great job.52.

This offense is very dangerous.53.

They did a good job last year.54.

The run game is good now.55.

The receiving corps is good this year, especially the tight ends.56.

They played a very physical game last year, and the receivers are getting better with time.57.

They got rid of their running back last year and will be very dangerous again this year with the new running back.58.

They added a lot to their secondary.59.

This was the best year of their careers.60.

They went to the playoffs.61.

The young quarterback is the most improved quarterback in the draft.62.

They improved their special teams, too.63.

The fans will be disappointed if the team doesn’t win this.64.

They lost the division last year but they should be better this year in the division.65.

The season is really coming together for this team.66.

They play in the NFC West and the NFC East.67.

The AFC West is the division to watch.68.

They’re in a very strong position to win the division again this season if they can get out to a big lead.69.

They had a very bad year in 2011, and their offense looked good last year too.70.

The best offense in the conference last year was the Broncos.71.

They needed to get rid of the running back and the wide receivers.72.

This should be an exciting game.73.

The game is really going to come down to the wire.74.

They’ll have to win if they want to make a run in the playoffs this season, but I don’t think they can.75.

The Colts should win this division.76.

The Steelers won it in the regular