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NFL playoffs: All the action from the NFL playoffs

NFL playoffs are finally here, and with them comes plenty of action, as well as plenty of drama.

There’s a ton to cover here, but the big takeaway is that the regular season is here and the postseason is a year away.

That’s a lot of things to keep an eye on, but in the spirit of full disclosure, let’s break down everything from the last year of the regular seasons to the first round of the playoffs. 


Eagles vs. Lions The Eagles and Lions met in the regular-season finale.

The Lions beat the Eagles 30-20 in the game that was supposed to determine the NFC East. 


Cleveland Browns vs. Jaguars The Browns have a bye and are set to play the Titans in Week 3.

The Jaguars are set for their bye, too. 


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Browns The Steelers beat the Browns 23-13 in Week 2.

The Steelers are set in Week 5. 


Oakland Raiders vs. Patriots The Raiders are set with a bye, but they’re in the process of moving into the playoffs with a Week 1 victory over the Bills. 


New England Patriots vs. Dallas The Patriots are set, but Dallas will host the Falcons in Week 4.

This is the first time the two teams meet since 2014. 


New York Jets vs. Denver The Jets are set as the NFC West favorites with a win over the Raiders in Week 1.

The Broncos have a home game against the Giants in Week 6. 


Houston Texans vs. Seattle The Texans are set and ready to play in the AFC South.

The Seahawks are set. 


Dallas Cowboys vs. Oakland The Cowboys are set ahead of the divisional round, but there are a lot more teams that are in the playoff picture than they were last season. 


New Orleans Saints vs. San Diego The Chargers are set up as a top-three seed and could make the playoffs after beating the Chiefs 27-10. 


Atlanta Falcons vs. Buffalo The Falcons are set after winning the AFC East.

The Bills are set at 6-5. 


Buffalo Bills vs. Minnesota The Bills have a shot at making the playoffs as the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

The Vikings are set next week. 


Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City The Lions are set behind a win by the Chiefs over the Chiefs.

The Rams are set on the road. 


Tennessee Titans vs. Miami The Titans are set following their Week 1 win over Miami.

The Dolphins are set two weeks later. 


Houston Oilers vs. Chicago The Oilers are set heading into the season finale.

Houston is set for a bye in Week 8. 


Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants The Redskins are set from the NFC South. 


Atlanta Panthers vs. Tennessee The Panthers are set based on a win in Week 10.

The Titans have a three-game road trip to follow. 


Oakland Raider vs. Cleveland The Raiders have a game on Sunday in Week 15, but will head into the postseason with a home win over Cleveland. 


San Diego Chargers vs. Houston The Chargers have a Week 16 bye and the Chargers will host New Orleans in Week 16. 


Green Bay Packers vs. Tampa Bay The Packers are set while the Bucs are set by a loss in Week 13. 


Pittsburgh Panthers vs: Kansas City The Panthers will face the Chiefs in the wild-card round. 


Miami Dolphins vs. Green Bay The Dolphins will head to New Orleans for a Week 13 showdown. 


Buffala Vikings vs. St. Louis Rams The Vikings will host St. Petersburg in Week 17. 


Washington Giants vs. Carolina The Giants are set when they face the Panthers in Week 21. 


Oakville Raiders vs: Cleveland The Rams will head south to play at Indianapolis. 


Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona The Seahawks will head north to play on the home turf of Green Bay. 


Kansas City Chiefs vs. Detroit The Chiefs will head east to face the Lions in Week 24. 


Atlanta Seahawks vs: Dallas The Seahawks and Cowboys will face each other in the playoffs at home. 


Miami Chargers vs: New York Jets The Chargers will face off against the Jets in Week 29. 


Minnesota Vikings vs: Houston The Titans will play the Texans in Week 30. 


Buffaro Bills vs: Denver The Bills will face Buffalo in the first ever meeting between the teams. 


Dallas Broncos vs. Philadelphia The Broncos will face Carson Wentz and the Eagles in the second of two preseason matchups in Week 31. 


Kansas State Wildcats vs. Colorado State The Wildcats will play in Denver. 


Pittsburg Steelers vs: Atlanta The Steelers