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How to play fau football in Calgary

On Friday, the Calgary Football Club’s fau game was the subject of a Twitter storm after one fan posted a video of the game, which is played at the home of Calgary Flames coach Marc Trestman.

The fan’s post included the hashtag #cbcfau, and a photo of the fan with the hashtag.

On Saturday, Calgary Police issued a press release stating that they had received “several complaints” about the game.

But a number of people were quick to point out that the Calgary Police’s statement was incorrect.

The fau is not a football game.

There are no football players involved, and the Calgary Firebirds are not a part of the Calgary fau.

There’s no Calgary Firebird wearing a Flames jersey, for example.

There is no Calgary Flames jersey tied around the waist of a player during the game — not even a Flames T-shirt.

And no Flames players are on the field during the fau, either.

So the Calgary Flames are not fauing, and their team is not participating.

There have been reports that a Calgary Fireball team is participating in the Calgary game, but they haven’t been confirmed as a part.

Calgary is not the home venue for the Calgary Fau, nor is Calgary home to the Calgary Bulls.

The Calgary Fireballs are based out of a suburb of Calgary.

And they aren’t affiliated with any sports team in Calgary.

But in order to play the Calgary Game, fans need to be at home.

Here are the rules.