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Why you shouldn’t be surprised by Tulane’s win against Cal

Live football games can be great, but don’t be fooled by the sheer numbers.

There are a lot of other sports out there with bigger audiences.

The Tulane-Cal game is no exception.

This year, the game saw around 2.3 million fans watch the live action.

It was the biggest game in the state since 2008, when the Cougars beat the Beavers 41-7.

It’s the first time since 2010 that a Cal game has won the conference title and the fifth consecutive time the Beans have won the championship.

“There are a ton of things going on with this game that we can’t control,” Tulane head coach Scott Frost said.

“The atmosphere was fantastic, the atmosphere was electric.

I think the crowd went nuts, the fans got a little emotional.”

Tulane will be trying to build on the momentum from last year’s game.

It is the first season in which the team has lost two games by at least 10 points.

“We were down by 20 to two in the first half, and it just got us out of it,” Frost said of the Bears’ 28-20 win.

“Our first half was good, but we were not competitive on that side of the ball.

I thought we were pretty good on the ground, but our secondary was not quite as good as we thought it was.”

That defense allowed a touchdown on a fumble by redshirt freshman receiver Marcus McElroy.

McElry returned a kickoff 64 yards for a touchdown, and the Bears held the Beaver offense to two catches for 20 yards.

The game marked the third time in four weeks that Tulane has lost a road game.

The Bears opened the year by losing a 38-23 home game to Northern Illinois.

Frost said that was a result of the defensive line not getting enough work.

“It’s always difficult to play against guys who are used to playing against you,” he said.

Tulane had a chance to win the first game at Tulane Stadium on Jan. 6, but the Bears rallied from a 16-point deficit to beat Tulane 21-13.

The Beavers scored three touchdowns on Tulane turnovers in the second half.

They held the Bears to 21 points and a field goal on the final drive.

“I’m really excited about the season,” McElrry said.

This is a big win for us, a big boost for us going forward.

“The Bears are hoping that the victory tonight will bring them back in the top 25, which would be the No. 15 spot in the AP Top 25.

The top-ranked Beavers are still in the hunt for a No. 2 ranking and have a chance of getting an early bye.

The winner will host No. 4 Oregon State on Saturday.