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NFL’s “game of the year”

The 2017 NFL season has come and gone, but a new round of “game-of-the-year” voting is in full swing, and the awards for most outstanding player and best player of the season are still in the making.

Here’s how the voting process works: Each week, an NFL team will be given a few weeks to prepare its players and coaches for the upcoming season.

Teams then get a day to submit their best-player-of all-time and best-defensive player lists, which are compiled into a single voting period, and then the rest of the league will get to vote on their favorites from those lists.

The votes are then tallied up and the winner of the award goes to the league office for consideration.

The voting period for the 2017 NFL Most Valuable Player Award is April 14-17.

The 2017 Offensive Player of the Year Award is May 17-19.

The award for the Best Defensive Player of all-season is June 17-22.

The “Game of the Week” award is awarded on July 10-13.

The 2015 Pro Bowl is presented to the winner and the NFL Honors Team will be honored in September.

The voting period will run from April 14 through May 17, but will be extended for a week at a time, so fans can vote on just about anything at that point.

The first round of voting will run for the “Best Player of All-Time” award on April 17, and in the second round the “Game-of: The Best” award will be awarded to the “Player of the Game.”

The final round will run through July 12, so voters can vote for their favorite players from those rounds.

All voting periods will run on Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and on Sunday from 4 p-11 p. m.