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How to watch the NFL in 2018

The NFL’s new broadcast deal, which kicked in on Jan. 1, 2018, will provide the league with an additional $50 million per year to stream its games, as well as to air its regular-season and postseason games live.

The contract, which is currently set to expire at the end of the year, will pay the league about $15 million per season to stream live games.

The NFL has been experimenting with ways to stream the league’s games over the past few years, including using a new live stream-only package called the SportsCenter Live.

In 2018, the league made its first live stream package available, with the Chicago Bears and the Atlanta Falcons making it available for free.

But it wasn’t until last month that the NFL finally launched its live stream platform for games on Sunday, Sept. 26.

That platform is free, but is available to watch on ESPN.com, NFL Mobile, and NFL.com.

The new streaming package also comes with the option of watching live games on a dedicated app, the NFL app, as a standalone streaming app or through an ESPN subscription, as it currently does for the NFL Network.

It is also the first time that the league has put live streaming at the forefront of its marketing strategy, and in the case of the Bears, it is a major marketing campaign.

In the past, the company has used broadcast-style packages to promote the game on Sundays, giving fans an idea of how they can access the game before kickoff, when the score is expected to be announced and how to watch it on the big screen.

The company has also been looking to make its content available to fans on smartphones and tablets, which have become a popular way for fans to access its content on devices.

ESPN’s new package is a key part of ESPN’s efforts to make that content available for fans in 2018.

The company has spent the last few years trying to make the NFL experience as fun and easy to watch as possible, and this new package will help it reach its goal.

While it is currently the only platform to offer the game as a live stream on a single device, there are other options that offer fans a similar experience on multiple devices.

The ESPN app offers a number of streaming options for its ESPN app, including the NFL App on Android, iOS, Roku and Apple TV, among others.

The NFL app also has a dedicated video player, the ESPN3 player, which has been around for years and has become a key player in the NFL’s efforts in creating an interactive experience.

The app has been able to do some amazing things in the past year, such as providing a way to stream NFL Network and College GameDay to fans at home or in a hotel, or allowing fans to watch game replays in a number and size of screens.

The team at ESPN also has been working on creating a new “premium” option that gives fans more choices, including being able to watch a game on a television, or on an iPad, and watch it while it is still on a TV.

The ESPN app and NFL app have been around since 2016, but have been limited to a handful of devices at a time, and it was a big launch for the service.

It launched on the Apple TV in late 2018, and last year, the app went on sale for free in the United Kingdom and Australia.ESPN’s launch of its new streaming service came as part of the NFL brand launch, which was a part of an attempt by the league to show its commitment to being a part the digital platform ecosystem, as the league is a $6 billion company.

It was also a big part of a partnership between ESPN and ESPN2 that was announced earlier this year, which allowed fans in certain markets to watch ESPN content.

The new package, which comes with an initial two-year agreement, gives the NFL the ability to continue to leverage its brand as it continues to build out its content ecosystem.

The package also is aimed at fans of sports on mobile devices, as ESPN’s streaming platform is a big player in this market.

The streaming package will be available on iOS devices, Android devices, Roku devices and Amazon Fire TV devices in the U.S., and the streaming app will be free for Apple TV users in the next few months.