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‘We’re in for a world of hurt’: UCL chief says UCL will ‘need to address’ players

The UCL is facing growing pressure to take action against some of its members after players were given the green light to wear the red shirt after the club’s failure to make the Champions League quarter-finals.

It comes after a spate of allegations of racism at the UCL.

The governing body on Monday said it will now take a “concrete and proactive approach” to tackling racism.

“In the face of the recent wave of allegations, and particularly in the light of the growing pressure from players and fans on the ULC to take steps to address racist behaviour, I want to take a concrete and proactive step,” UCL president Patrice Lamberts said.

“The ULC will now look into all aspects of racism, including its underlying cause, to ensure that all members of the UAC have the confidence to address the issue and to move forward.”

I have already received a range of comments from the players’ associations, from the football community, from clubs and associations, and from those who believe we are failing to address racism in the game.

“The issue of racism is now a top priority for UCL, with the club having a joint report to be completed next month.

It also said the club had made changes to its policy and that players would no longer wear the green jersey in matches.”

It is a reality in the football world. “

In all of our sport there are many examples of racist behaviour in the past.”

It is a reality in the football world.

We are all aware of the fact that racism is real and needs to be addressed.

“We will make our own decisions in the context of the specific situation we face.”

In addition to the U-21s, the U20s, U21s and U18s will all wear red next season.