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The NFL, NFLPA & Co., the unions agree to mediation

NFL and NFLPA leaders are expected to reach a deal Thursday morning to resolve the ongoing standoff over pay for players who have played a role in the unionization process.

Sources told The Associated Press that the mediation would be an effort by the players’ union and the NFL to resolve a lawsuit that the league and the players association filed in California in November against the union, alleging the players are underpaid.

The NFLPA and the union have had negotiations in secret since November, when the players union filed its lawsuit, alleging that the NFLPA is trying to get the union to agree to a salary freeze, which would be paid to the players.

Under the settlement, the NFL would make the players salary freeze contingent on the union’s agreeing to a deal.

The league would also pay the union a one-time payment of $2.9 million per year for the next five years, based on the size of the players and on how many years of their contracts are outstanding.

The players union has argued that the current contract with the NFL and the owners is unfair to the player.

That’s because the current collective bargaining agreement has a $12 million cap on players’ salaries.

That amount is tied to the league’s total revenue of $24.8 billion, according to the NFL’s latest financial reports.

The two sides have been working together for years to try to hammer out a deal that would allow players to make more money and still receive fair compensation.

The union has been demanding a raise for players to at least $10 million per season for the last two seasons.

They have also demanded that the owners pay more to help cover costs such as player safety.

The sides have both said that the settlement will not affect the players collective bargaining, although it will reduce the maximum player salary by $5 million to $10.5 million.

The settlement includes a 10 percent cut in salary for players.