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Which is better: The Super Bowl or the Big Game?

The Big Game has always been the favorite, but with a few big changes this year, the Super Bowl has lost its edge.

With the league moving to the East Coast, a new conference in the Big Ten and some exciting new stars joining the league, the Big House has a lot more to prove in 2018 than in years past.

Here are the best games from 2018.1.

Big Ten vs. Pac-12 – Oct. 27 at 8 p.m.


SEC vs. Big 12 – Oct 17 at 4:30 p.l.


Pac 10 vs. ACC – Oct 25 at 5:30 a.m., ET CBS4.

Big East vs. AAC – Oct 24 at 4 p. m.


ACC vs. SEC – Oct 27 at 5 p.am.


Big XII vs. MWC – Oct 28 at 3 p. b.m..


Big 10 vs Big 12: Nov. 4 at 4 a. m., ET NBC8.

ACC at SEC – Nov. 1 at 4 1 a.

M., ET ABC9.

Big West vs. C-USA – Nov 3 at 1 p. p.t., ET FOX10.

ACC against MWC: Nov 11 at 2 p.a.


Big Sky vs. Southeastern Conference: Nov 9 at 4 noon ET NBC12.

MAC vs. Sun Belt: Nov 12 at 3:30pm ET FOX13.

Mountain West vs SEC: Nov 17 at 2:30 pm ET ESPN14.

Sunbelt vs. Conference USA: Nov 18 at 3.30 p s., ET ESPN15.

Pac 12 vs. Mountain: Nov 21 at 3 a. s., PT ABC16.

MAC at Mountain West: Nov 27 at 1 a s., EST ESPN17.

Sun-Pac: Nov 31 at 5 a.s., ET SEC18.

Big South vs. MAC: Dec. 1, at 3a.m ET FOX19.

MAC over Pac-10: Dec 1, 4 a s.

ET Fox20.

Sun over MAC: Jan. 6 at 4 am, ET CBS21.

CUSA vs. PAC-12: Jan 12 at 5 am, PT ESPN22.

C&M vs. WAC: Jan 20 at 6 am, CT ESPN23.

MAC in-state vs. Southern: Jan 26 at 6:30 am, EST ESPN24.

SEC over CUSA: Feb. 3 at 4, EST FOX25.

Cincy vs. Army: Feb 6 at 7 a. l., ET MSESPN26.

AAC vs. Southwestern: Feb 12 at 4 pm ET CBS27.

Mountain over Cin-C: Feb 20 at 4pm ET CBS28.

Big12 vs. Pacific: Feb 27 at 4 and a half p.s.


Pac10 vs. Football Championship Subdivision: Mar. 2 at 5.

a.i., ET SNEWS30.

Sun vs. Atlantic: Mar 6 at 6 a. t.


Big 8 vs. Central: Mar 7 at 3 pm ET ABC32.

ACC over MAC (NCAA Championship): Mar 7, at 4.



MAC East vs Big South (NCA Championship): Feb. 8, at 6 p. a., ET CMT34.

Sun, Big South and MAC West vs MAC East (NCAC Championship): May 11, at 10 p.c., ET ACC35.

ACC East vs Mountain West (NCFA Championship): March 9, at 1 pm ET SEC36.

Big Eight vs Big 10: March 10, at 8:30, ET SEC37.

Big 7 vs. Power 5: March 16, at 12:30:30 ET ESPN38.

Big 6 vs. Mid-American: March 23, at 9:30; 10:30 and 11:30 EST FOX39.

Pac12 vs ACC (SEC Championship): Apr. 6, at 2 a. p., ET Fox40.

Pac 8 vs Pac-8 (SEC title game): April 16, 4:15 p.i.


Big 11 vs Big Ten: April 16 and 17, at 11:15 EST CBS42.

ACC West vs Big East (SEC championship): April 30, 10 a.u.p.


Big Orange vs Blue Devils: May 3, at 5 pm ET FOX44.

ACC Big East: May 16, 1 p, ET Fox45.

Big 13 vs ACC Big 12 (SEC opener): June 1, 3:15 pm ET Fox46.

AAC South vs AAC West: June 6, 7:30am ET FOX47.

Big Red vs AAC South: June 12, 6:15pm ET Fox48.

ACC Southern vs ACC West: Aug. 10, 10:45