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How to watch NFL Thursday night with NFL Fantasy Football: New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens

With the NFL season in full swing, it’s time to start looking ahead to next week’s slate of games.

With all the excitement of a Super Bowl, it can be hard to keep up.

Here’s a rundown of the upcoming NFL Thursday Night Football games, with the option to watch in the comments section if you want to get even more detailed: New Orleans Saints at Jacksonville Jaguars The Saints return to Jacksonville on Sunday after playing their first game of the season.

The Jaguars are coming off a tough loss to the Dallas Cowboys and have lost seven straight to begin the season, including three in a row.

New Orleans is coming off back-to-back losses to the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans.

Jacksonville has been outscored by an average of 15 points per game over its last two games.

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins After being held to only 42 yards rushing against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Jets went on a 10-play, 94-yard touchdown drive with 2:33 left in the third quarter to beat the Dolphins 41-31.

It was a rare game in which the Jets could run the ball, and they did.

The Dolphins also won a game on a touchdown drive.

New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles This is one of the teams to look forward to this week, because the Patriots will play at Miami on Sunday afternoon.

The Eagles have been a big disappointment over the last couple of weeks, and this game is going to be very important for them.

The Patriots have been struggling offensively in recent weeks and will look to make up ground in this game.

Philadelphia is coming back from a bye, but is coming into this game having allowed the most points in the league over their last five games.

Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions The Chiefs are coming into the game with the league’s best defense.

They have allowed the fewest points in a game this season, but the Lions have struggled against the run, as they have averaged 5.3 yards per carry.

This game will be a big test for the Chiefs defense.

The Lions have allowed 4.9 yards per attempt on the ground, second in the NFL behind only the Philadelphia Eagles, and have been outgained by more than 100 yards in the past three games.

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons The Panthers are coming back to Atlanta after being held out of the second half of a game at Detroit with a sprained ankle.

Atlanta has struggled against run defense in recent years, allowing an average running score of 28.1 per game.

The Falcons will be looking to make a statement in this contest and will be relying on Cam Newton and his mobility to get the ball to the wideouts.

Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns The Titans have struggled offensively in the first half of games against the Browns, and look to improve in this one.

They will be coming off their bye and will have some questions at running back after having been one of just two teams in the last six seasons to not have a running back score a touchdown this season.

Carolina has allowed an average rushing score of 19.9 per game, and has allowed the third-fewest rushing yards per game in the entire league.

Tennessee is coming in with a big lead in this series and will need to take advantage of that.

Houston Texans at New Orleans Chargers The Texans are coming in at 5-1, and are coming out of their bye week with the second-best offense in the AFC behind the Denver Broncos.

The Titans are coming with the fourth-best defense in the division behind the New England Broncos and Indianapolis Colts.

This is a big game for the Texans defense, who have allowed a combined 11.9 points per contest over the past four games.

Cleveland will look for a big performance from its offensive line, and the Texans will need the best performances from their running backs to make it a tough game.

Carolina Dolphins at Detroit Raiders This is the second matchup between the two teams.

The Raiders are coming to town with a bye week after they lost the opener to the Tennessee Titans, and with the bye week comes a new quarterback, Matt Schaub, and a new offensive coordinator, Tom Cable.

This will be the first game Schaub will start in seven years and the second game he will start with the Raiders.

Detroit has been struggling defensively this season and will rely on Schaub to be their No. 1 option.

The defense has allowed a league-high 20 sacks over the first five weeks of the year.

Oakland has also allowed 477 passing yards per contest, fifth most in the game.

San Diego Chargers at New York Titans The Chargers are coming from their bye with a win over the Tennessee Volunteers.

The victory came after Tennessee went on to lose to the San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals.

San Francisco is coming out with a winning record over the Titans over the previous two weeks, but they have not scored