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What will the Colts win Sunday?

Colts fans are not just disappointed in Mattel.

They’re angry about the NFL for its decision to not renew the franchise.

The league says that it will hold a special meeting this week to determine the fate of the Colts, a team that had been struggling with an owner and the league for more than a decade.

The NFL said Friday that it’s not making a final decision on the team, which has been in Indianapolis since 1979 and was the first NFL team to be owned by a woman.

That was when Jim Irsay purchased the team in 2007 for $1.1 billion.

The team has not been in operation since 2011.

The Colts are the only NFL franchise to be sold.

The Rams sold their team to the Rams for $2.9 billion.

This year, Mattel announced it will not renew its contract with the Colts for the 2019 season.