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Why a game you’re probably not watching this season?

The Associated Press -1/3/2020 The Associated Statesman The New York Times -1:02:17 Time title Watch our new, award-winning ESPN football game preview article The New England Patriots will travel to Houston to play the Houston Texans for a game on Sunday.

The game, set for 2:05 p.m.

ET, is the fourth game on ESPN’s coverage schedule, and the fifth for ESPN, which was founded in 1993.

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ESPN has won eight of the 11 NFL regular-season contests played in New England since it opened the broadcast booth in 2005.

It has been part of the game’s weekly coverage for the past decade, with a majority of games on ESPN airing the first half of the second half.

New England has a 3-0 lead in the AFC East and has the No. 3 seed in the playoffs with a 10-4 record.

Houston sits in fifth place with a 7-7 record and is in last place in the NFL with a 5-15 record.

ESPN will broadcast the game on Fox Sports 1, ESPN Deportes, ESPN2 and ESPNU.

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