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When the Syracuse Football Game was the #1 NFL game on ESPN

The Syracuse Football game was the number one NFL game when it was broadcast on ESPN. 

This was back in the days when the network’s network broadcasts were on local stations. 

However, ESPN’s coverage of the Syracuse game was always on ESPN’s local channel. 

The network did not air the Syracuse football game until late last season, with an announcement that the game would air in December. 

Syracuse had the No. 1 football game of the season last year, beating No. 2 Clemson and No. 3 North Carolina in the ACC Championship Game. 

It was also the first game that ESPN would show on its digital platform, with its “Live” streaming service. 

Since then, the network has dropped Syracuse games from its schedule and announced the cancellation of all future Syracuse football games. 

With ESPN’s announcement last week that it will no longer air the game in December, the Syracuse Athletic Association has filed a lawsuit against ESPN alleging that the network is violating its contract with the student-athletes. 

“ESPN has not only broken its contractual obligations to student-athletes, but also its own guidelines on the type of coverage that students will see,” said Tom Schieffer, president of the Student-Athletes Association, in a statement. 

“[ESPN] has violated the First Amendment rights of the students who were subjected to the live stream. 

While we respect ESPN’s decision to drop the Syracuse basketball game, we are now filing this lawsuit because the network needs to make sure its future shows adhere to the standards set by the student body.” 

Schieffer added, “The student-achievers at Syracuse have shown no remorse for the mistreatment they received, nor have we heard anything from the network to show that it has changed. 

ESPN is a business, and they cannot simply be allowed to continue to broadcast without consequences for what they have done to students.”