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How to spot the Broncos ‘s best game themes

Broncos coach Paul Roos said his team would be looking to focus on the game’s themes this weekend when they take on the Cowboys at Suncorp Stadium.

Key points:The Broncos will look to “create a bit of excitement” during the matchThe theme will include the words “the Broncos”The theme of the game will also be “The Broncos”Roos said the theme for the match would be “creating a bit the excitement”.

“I don’t think we’ve really done that before but that will be our theme,” Roos told AAP.

“It will be about creating a bit that’s different and different to what you’re used to seeing and what’s happening on the field.”

The Broncos are a good team.

They have a lot of pride and determination, so we’re going to want to create a bit a bit different.

“Roos, who has been at the helm of the Broncos since his arrival from Melbourne in 2010, has previously described the theme as “a bit different”.”

It’ll be different to some of the other themes,” he said.”

But that’s what you do with football and we’ll try to do that.

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