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How many college football games were cancelled by the NCAA in 2016?

The NCAA and the Big Ten are currently in the midst of the fallout from a scandal involving student athletes at the University of Missouri.

The NCAA has admitted that it failed to provide all necessary financial and other support to Missouri and other schools that had been accused of failing to adequately protect students from sexual assault.

A lawsuit filed by the university alleges that the NCAA and Big Ten had withheld information from Missouri, including the full extent of the financial support that the university had received.

The Big Ten announced last month that it had suspended all of its college football conference championships for 2018. 

While the NCAA has taken swift and meaningful steps to fix its shortcomings, the problem continues to mount.

The latest: Missouri is scheduled to play its next game on Saturday against rival Penn State. 

What’s behind the ongoing crisis?

The NCAA has been plagued by a number of issues since the start of the scandal, including a lack of transparency, a lack-of-accountability to coaches and players, and a lack in cooperation with independent experts.

The scandal has also led to criticism of the way the university handles complaints.

While the university has said that it will cooperate with an investigation, the investigation is being conducted by a separate entity. 

The Big Ten has also been criticized for its handling of the allegations against Missouri.

Penn State’s coach, Joe Paterno, resigned amid the scandal after allegations that he and the university failed to protect players.

Former Big Ten commissioner Dave Brandon, who has been in charge of the Big 12 and SEC, has been criticized by some for not doing enough to curb the alleged wrongdoing of the Missouri football program.

Brandon, for his part, said on Tuesday that the allegations of misconduct against Missouri had been “completely unfounded.” 

What will happen next?

While the allegations have already been reported to the NCAA, the Big 10 and the NCAA have not yet decided what action they will take.

That is expected to change with the announcement of the new NCAA president, the release of the NCAA’s report and the completion of an independent investigation by outside law firms. 

In a statement released on Tuesday, the NCAA said it would “fully cooperate with the investigation and cooperate with all relevant authorities.”

The NCAA is also looking into whether its membership and schools have made “a sufficient number of commitments to improve and enforce the current policies and procedures.”

The NCAA statement said it will “ensure the full scope of the investigation, including those related to the alleged mishandling of student-athlete safety and the enforcement of NCAA rules.” 

Should Missouri’s season continue, will the NCAA suspend the Big Five conference championships? 

The NCAA is not yet able to rule on whether Missouri will play a bowl game this year.

But the Big East and Big 12 have announced that they will hold off on awarding the conference titles until a new investigation is completed. 

Does this mean the NCAA will end its affiliation with Missouri and the rest of the conference? 

Not necessarily.

The investigation into the Missouri scandal is ongoing, but the Big Board, which oversees the Big Six conferences, has already released a statement acknowledging the allegations.

The statement said that the Big Four, which also oversees the Pac-12, Big Ten and SEC and has already announced its sanctions against the Missouri program, will “continue to monitor the situation closely.” 

Will this affect the Big Game?

The Big Game will likely be played at the beginning of August, which would make it the first Big Game since Missouri was suspended in April.

If Missouri is unable to win its remaining five games in the Big Eight or Big 12, it would be ineligible to play in the Pac 12.

The SEC and Big 10 have announced they will not play the Missouri game, but they will have to play the defending national champion Clemson in the Peach Bowl.

The Pac-10 has announced that it plans to schedule Missouri in the Citrus Bowl and will not schedule the Tigers at all.