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Mobile football games are getting VR support

Mobile football gaming is becoming more and more popular with VR headsets.

But the trend hasn’t gone unnoticed by the game developers themselves.

As more VR headsets become available for consumers, mobile games are taking a lead in VR support, according to the developers behind the most popular mobile football games.

With more and less VR headsets available, game developers are realizing the need for VR support for their games.

This is especially true for football games which are typically played on a large, expensive gaming PC with multiple monitors.

The developers of the top-selling football game on Apple’s App Store have noticed this trend, and now they’re trying to bring VR support to their titles, too.

In their latest video for “The Last Call,” developer Tomer Dziak and co-creator of the popular VR game “FIFA 15” have shared how they’ve been working on VR support and how they are working with VR headset manufacturer Oculus to bring it to their games soon.

“We have the game engine working with the Oculus Rift and we have a demo that we’re working on right now,” Dziaks said in the video.

“We’re hoping that it’s out by the end of the year, which is definitely within our goals.”

The VR support has a lot of benefits for VR gaming, too, according the developers.

It will make players feel a little more immersed in the game experience, they said.

“You can look up at the screen and see everything around you, so it’s a lot better than if you were just staring at your screen,” said Dziacks.

“In our demo, we’re using the Oculus Touch controllers and we’re playing with two people on one of the teams, and you can see them all at once.”

With a VR headset, players are able to look around, check in on their teammates, and even check in with each other.

The VR games that support VR will have players able to use their virtual reality controllers to look up to their virtual teammates, take in their reactions, and interact with the game in a way that was never possible before.

This will help players feel like they’re in the world of the game, the developers said.

Players can look around to see who’s the best player on the field and also to see where their team’s opponents are.

They can also check in to see if their team is winning or losing the game.

The Oculus Touch controller is used by the creators of “The Oculus Test,” an online test that simulates an actual game between players.

In the video, Dziks and co. showed how they were able to simulate the action from the game with VR controllers.

The game has been downloaded more than 3 million times, the video showed, and is now available for download.